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Are you one of the many Swedish descendants who now live in the US ?

Do you want to find out more about your Swedish family roots?

Do you want to find out more about your now living Swedish relatives?

Are you a person with an interest for how times was in Sweden in the “old days” ?



Maybe you have been thinking of visiting Sweden but feel insecure what to visit, who to contact, where to stay and how to travel?

Or, maybe you have been thinking of what it would be like to visit your unknown Swedish relatives?



This is what we would like to help you with!



Based on your wishes we are performing as thoroughly genealogy research for you as you want from us. We are also planning and organizing induvidually trips to Sweden where we are your personal itinerary planner, accomodation planner, guide, chauffeaur, interpreter, family contact person, family researcher and Swedish specialists.

Due to your wishes, identified through our thoroughly selected and detailed questionforms, we prepare you to make the absolutely best out of your Swedish tour.

Our company is consultants in showing parts of the “Old Sweden” to our clients!

We are specialized in finding out about their roots, finding and contacting the descendants of their relatives that were left behind, finding the remeniscens of “Old Sweden” and we undertake every destination, in principle, of their wish to fulfil their journey and dreams.

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