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Do you want to find out more about your family who live in Sweden today?

What happened to the parts of your family that were left behind in Sweden during the migration to the “Great land”? Who were they and what families did they raise? Are there any descendents? What does the family tree look like? Where do the descendants live today?

The questions could be thousands!

What if you could contact them, or maybe even meet them!

On your demad we will investigate the future of your Swedish ancestors. Like family detectives we will try to identifie them and search for their present place of staying.We would like you to get the answers.

At best, we find many relatives. In worst case, there are no relatives to find.

Of course many families have split up these days and therefore live in many different regions. We try to identify at least one of these relatives and, if you wish, we help you to contact them.

In Sweden of the 19hundreds, there are of course archives for a researcher investigating a family tree. The difficult thing is how to know which archives there are, where they are, how to find them, how to get access to them and how to be able to read them. By reasons of integrety, sanctioned by Swedish law, you have to provide us a signed document for us to show the authorities proving that we are research consultants on your behalf. During our investigation you might need to, only on our request of course, clearify the same for the state servants.


As a start for you, in your family knowledge build up process, we perform a research study in a limited timespan. The study runs from around the 19hundreds up until today. For a fixed price we perform a 10 ours study into your family tree. If you want us to focus on a certain family segment you just let us know.

Your answers will be presented to you of your choice (post, e-mail, cd, floppy disc) in a family tree.

For this, you have to provide us with the information of your relative's name, date of birth and in what church district he/she was born. If you only have other fragmented information of course we can start up an investigation and if so we recommend our service product 4.

Have you decided to use this service or want to discuss it with us, please contact us.

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