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Do you want to find out more about your Roots?

What happened to your Swedish ancestors? Where did they live? What were their names? With what did they work? How did they live and die? Was anyone a soldier? Was anyone a bastard? Were there any nobility in the family? Any known persons?

The questions could be thousands! But maybe you already know some things about your Swedish ancestors? Maybe you already have knowledge of your family root structure? Maybe you have been engaged and used the first service product of ours to get this information?


Perhaps you want to expand the timespan on your family root structure?

Or perhaps you want to dig deeper about the persons you know about already?

Or maybe you would like to know more about a certain period in your family history, a certain house or a certain occurrence?

Here is where our deep research studies might play a role!

Sweden has extensive archives for researchers in the genealogical field. At best, sometimes it is possibel to reach back to the 17 th century. Ocassionally, if the family belonged to the nobility, a bit more. At worst, an archive is burnt down, and it is possible to find nothing at all.The difficult thing is how to know which archives there are, how to find them, how to get access to them, how to be able to read them and how to puzzle them together.

A single piece of information can sound very brief and might only provide a single word for us to draw conclusions from. That conclusion will not be too far stretching. But this type of small piece information might, brought together, provide us with a picture of the destiny of a long gone family, a single person or a house.


In your family knowledge build up process, we perform this deep research study as far back as possible in time, or we are widening the search for information for certain/every timeperiod back in time, or... both. Only your choice set the restrictions for this. You have many ways in doing this.

You might for example give us an economic restriction, or you could set a limit in the historical time which we in our study will not pass without reporting back to you for permission to perform further ones.

Or you can order us only to search for the male/female side, potential military history, history of a certain mansion or some other aspect of the genealogical structure. You can of course, also give us free hands and we will come back to you when the study is finished. We can always complement this with milestone reporting of your wish.



You would also need to tell us how wide you want the study to be. In making it simple for you we are using our detailed questionforms, but we are also always corresponding with our clients to make sure that everything is understood correct.

Your answers will be presented to you of your choice (post, e-mail, cd, floppy disc) in a family root system.

For this, you have to provide us at least with the information of your relative's name, date of birth and in what church district he/she was born. For making the time of the study as short as possible, every piece of information that you already have about your family roots and you might support us with could be interesting for our research.

Have you decided to use this service or want to discuss it with us, please contact us.


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